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Missy Elliott is back with her first new single ― “I’m Better,” featuring Lamb ― since 2016’s collaboration with Fall Out Boy for the new “Ghostbusters” theme song. She also released a more proper single around this time last year ― “Pep Rally” ― in conjunction with a Super Bowl advertisement.

Elliott announced the track on Twitter at midnight Friday.

The title choice, “I’m Better,” is a good one, as on first pass the new single is highly similar to styles popularized recently by artists such as Future and Migos. At this point in her career, Elliott is a bonafide legend, and here she successfully brings her own skill-set to what may be a slightly derivative approach.

It’s fitting that Migos also dropped new music Thursday night with an announcement on Twitter ― although they had Kanye West start off their promotional cycle.

It remains unclear whether a full-length Elliott album is finally on the way after over a decade.

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