Fall is affectionately known as “cuffing season” for a reason. There’s just something super romantic and sexy about the chilly temps which are perfect for snuggling, and there are a host of date night activities that are tailor-made for lovers. Since you don’t have to worry about sweating out your hair or your expertly beat face, fall is arguably the best time to enjoy more outdoor dates than any other time of year. Check out our list of adorable fall date ideas and let us know some of your faves in the comments section.

Apple-Picking – If you’re looking for a great way to spend a fall afternoon and pour on the romance at the same time, then there is no better date than going apple-picking. Something as simple as taking a basket and picking fresh apples from an orchard highlights how romance isn’t always defined by grand gestures. The best part is that you can find a local orchard to go apple-picking practically anywhere.

Camping – Now before you veto this popular outdoor pastime, consider its benefits during the brisk autumn temperatures. The onslaught of bugs is minimal courtesy of the cooler weather, humidity is practically non-existent and you have all the time in the world to cuddle up and have a lot of fun doing so. To cap off your camping excursion, be sure to set up a cozy campfire for you two to keep you nice and warm.

Head To The Pumpkin Patch – When it comes to activities that are synonymous with fall, going to the pumpkin patch easily tops the list. With Halloween one of the season’s biggest focuses, taking bae to a local pumpkin patch to pick a couple of pumpkins to set off your fall décor is the perfect, cute date activity. To add to the fun, once you get your pumpkins you and your boo can carve them together.

Visit A Haunted House – Embrace the spookiness of the Halloween season and face your fears by visiting a haunted house. Don’t be afraid to hold on tight to bae as you both walk through a haunted house that is full of scares…and a little memorable fun too! This date night idea is also a great way to indulge your inner kid at heart.

Take A Road Trip – Want to know the best way to see all the beautiful colors of the fall foliage? Well, by taking a scenic road trip, of course! The breathtaking colors of the fall leaves is one of the aspects that makes the season so special, so getting in the car with your boo is the perfect way to celebrate. Simply find the most scenic route closest to you, get the aux cord to play your favorite music and sit back and have an unforgettable day.

Star-Gazing – There are few things more romantic than gazing up at the twinkling stars in a beautiful night sky. Which is why fall star-gazing should definitely make the list of things you and bae should do this season. Get a few blankets, maybe even grab a bottle of wine and dessert to share and look up at the stars while you steal more than a few kisses in between. It’s the perfect date for many reasons.

Dive Into A Horror Movie Marathon – Up the ante to the ever-popular Netflix and chill, by piling on the romance and your favorite scary movies. Everyone loves a good cuddle session on the sofa with just you and bae, soft blankets, plenty of snacks and a collection of movies to choose from. To make things even more fun, you and your boo can take turns choosing the movies…and don’t forget to jump into their arms whenever you get scared!