Relationships are like energy; they need to keep moving. It’s impossible for a relationship to stay exactly the same because life doesn’t stay exactly the same, and neither do you. Relationships either grow stale, become combative, and dissolve, or they grow stronger, become happier, and evolve. If you think every relationship becomes boring over time, not only are you wrong, but the couples who would describe their relationship as boring don’t realize their relationship is on the decline. If you felt the same exact way about your partner every day eventually, you’d get used to that, and the relationship would feel boring. The couples who last actually love each other more every day. Here are signs your relationship is getting better with age, like a fine wine.

Life is feeling easier

The tedious parts of life like doing taxes and updating your health insurance plan don’t feel as heavy anymore. Going about life somehow feels a little easier every day. That’s because you have your partner’s love and support putting a pep in your step.

You feel bolder

Since you’ve met your partner, you’ve only felt bolder every day. You’re going after things you’ve always wanted, and even imagining up larger goals for yourself than you thought you ever would.

Failure doesn’t hurt as much

Being turned down for a job or anything else you want doesn’t hurt as much. Your relationship truly is the biggest source of happiness in your life—nothing could make you happier, so it’s not a big deal when you don’t get other things. You always have your boo.

He’s the best part of your day

Your partner remains the best part of your day. Even if you get to do something amazing one day like meet your favorite celebrity or go skydiving! Your favorite part of the day is still seeing your partner and telling him all about it.

Sex is getting better

You’re just as giddy when you have sex now, as you were the first time, if not more. You feel more lost in the moment each time you two do it, your kisses create more sparks, and your bodies are totally in sync.

You laugh more every day

Your neighbors would swear you were playing a stand-up comedy special because they hear you and your partner laughing all of the time. That’s what happens when you know each other thoroughly; you find the humor in everything.

You don’t dread errand day

Errand day is fun! It’s a day you have an excuse to hang out with your boo. And you know you’ll just get goofy waiting at the car wash.

Your friendships are getting stronger

When your relationship gets stronger, your friendships get stronger. You get more in touch with who you are, and your partner brings out the qualities in you that everybody loves the most.

You’re making amends with family

Somehow, when you’re in a really strong relationship, all of that family drama just doesn’t matter anymore. It melts away. That’s because you’re building your own, new family with your honey.

You miss each other more when you’re apart

Every time you’re apart, you miss each other more than last time. When your relationship just gets better and better, you can’t help but miss one another’s presence more and more.


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