A father and his 4-year-old daughter are keeping their cheerleading moves sharp during the coronavirus stay-at-home order. Roland Pollard and his daughter Jayden captured hearts and sent the internet ablaze when they posted a video on Sunday (May 3) of the duo performing their routine. “Will someone please recruit this girl?” Roland captioned the video.

The Texas father-daughter team has been performing together since Jayden was 6 months old, before she could walk or talk.

“She fell in love with it,” Pollard told Good Morning America when asked what his daughter, once she learned how to talk, thought about the challenging moves.

The routines can be dangerous, but Pollard said he’s a professional cheerleading coach.

“I believe that fear is a taught or learned trait and I’ve never given her a reason to be afraid,” he told E! News. “Any flyer I have trained knows that I will catch them if anything tragic goes wrong.”