For some, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day for indulgence. Sure throughout the year you’ve got birthdays and anniversaries in which loved ones will pull out all the stops, but with Valentine’s Day it’s a little different. Society has built up February 14th as the ultimate day to show your significant other how much you love them so some really take this day and run with it. From expensive dinners to incredible gifts, some couples dip deep into their bank accounts to shower their boo with whatever their hearts desire.

But an indulgent Hallmark Holiday isn’t for everyone.

While we’d be lying if we said our honey disregarding Valentine’s Day entirely would be fine with us, a super expensive and overly indulgent celebration isn’t everyone’s speed. So with that in mind, here are some suggestions for the ultimate, low-key Valentine’s Day celebration that isn’t light on the romance, but doesn’t drain your wallet.

1. The Couple Who Cooks Together …
Looking for a chill way to spend Valentine’s Day, we can’t think of a better activity than cooking with your significant other. Not only is there something super romantic about working together in the kitchen to create a delicious meal, but it’s also a great bonding activity. Whether you decide to make your favorite meal or be a little more adventurous and try something new, cooking together is a great way to bond and spend some quality time with the person you love most. And we’re not saying it has to be all work and no play when cooking. Pour yourselves a glass or two (or three) of wine and just enjoy bantering with each other while snacking on great food that you will transform into an amazing meal. Sure, you could drop hundreds on an overpriced, prix fixe Valentine’s Day dinner, but we guarantee it won’t have the love or memories behind it that a quality evening at home would.

Take things a step further by setting the mood once the meal is complete. Light some candles, break out some flowers and get ready to stare longingly into your beau’s eyes while chowing down on the meal you’ve created together. We can’t think of a better activity to share with your loved one than this.

2. Agree To Skip The Presents
This one might not be everyone’s preferred course of action when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but we think there really is something to the idea of skipping presents if you’re pursuing a low-key celebration. Our rationale here is two-fold: One, there are already enough occasions throughout the year in which you’ll drop a pretty penny on presents. So given that of all the holidays you’ll spend with your significant other, this is probably the least personal, it might be wise to save your money. Two, Valentine’s Day gifts are tricky, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a while. There are only so many sporting event tickets or bottles of expensive wine or jewelry you can get for a person before it just starts feeling repetitive. So our suggestion: Skip the presents and maybe consider combining resources to do an experience together. Rather than just buying stuff for the sake of fulfilling society’s expectations of Valentine’s Day, put your hard-earned money to work for something that you’ll both remember and cherish. This leads us to …

3. Make It An Evening Of Planning And Looking Forward
So you’ve enjoyed a delicious meal that you’ve made together. You’ve agreed that this year, presents don’t seem necessary and you want to put your resources together to do something special. So while you’re relaxing at home with a delicious drink in hand, take Valentine’s Day to plan an exciting adventure or experience that you both will never forget. Whether looking to plan the ultimate international trip, a quaint weekend getaway or something even more local, a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to plan an adventure in the weeks to come in which you can use the money you would have spend on a present to fund it. Trust us, experiencing something new with the one you love has a lot more staying power than a random piece of jewelry, an expensive dinner or a useless trinket.

4. Write A Thoughtful Note
You may have opted to go gift-less this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have something to give your boo as your romantic evening at home progresses. Whether you decide to buy a card or just create something at home, be sure to write a heart-felt note to the one you love. Go beyond just a mere “Happy Valentine’s Day” and really put your feelings out there. Talk about how much your significant other means to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Don’t feel like you have to write a novel, but really speak from your heart. We promise even this small gesture will mean the world to the person who means the most to you.

5. Go For A Romantic Walk
So you’ve spent a wonderful evening at home, but now you’re in the mood to venture out. Depending on where you live, the weather could be mighty dicey around mid-February. But if you luck out and Valentine’s Day is on the warmer and dryer side, consider going for a late-evening stroll with your partner. Find a park, a waterfront or another romantic area near you to just breathe in some fresh air and hang with your love. If you’re able to find a bench or somewhere else you might be able to park it for a bit, think about taking some time out to just be with each other and enjoy the crisp night air. It begs for some quality cuddle time under the stars. If it starts getting a little chilly, head back and spend the rest of the night with your boo doing whatever you guys like to do (wink, wink).

Admittedly a low-key Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you do want to put on a sexy outfit and hit the town with the one you love. But if this year, you’re looking for something a little different and maybe a little less expensive, then the low-key plan above we outlined could give you just the inspiration you need. Regardless of how you spend February 14th, however, be sure you’re spending it exactly how you want and with the one you love most.

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