Becoming a father changes a man in ways he could never imagine. When a man is expecting a child, he mostly just thinks about making enough money to support the child and making sure he knows how to keep the child alive. He may also think about the fact that he can’t stay out and get drunk until 2 am on the weekends anymore. But there is so much more in store for a new father that he, nor you, could imagine. So much of a man’s personality is attached to the fact that he only needs to worry about his own life. Anyone is free to be selfish, difficult, impatient, vain and more when those traits won’t immediately affect another life. But when a man becomes a father, all that goes out the window. Here are unexpected ways becoming a father changes a man.

They become more protective of everyone

Your partner will begin to notice when you’re breathing funny, when you look the tiniest bit tired, or when it sounds like you’re developing a cold. His entire sense for the wellbeing of those around him will become heightened.

They take on a baby voice

Your partner will, naturally, start to speak to your child in a baby voice. But you’ll notice that voice sneaks over into other areas of life. He’ll talk to you like that, to dogs like that, to other people’s kids like that…

They express their love to everyone more

Your partner will be gushing with love. He’ll tell his child every ten minutes that he loves her; he’ll tell you every ten minutes he loves you because now you’re truly family. And before he knows it, he’ll be telling his friends he loves them when he gets off the phone with them.

They become much better listeners

Being a father means truly listening when your little kid talks about how the dinosaur in their book ate a tree before getting on the gummy bear spaceship and having a conversation about it. After that, your partner will be able to follow along in any conversation, and will truly listen when you talk about which foods make you bloated.

They genuinely fall in love with cuddling

Even if your partner was already a cuddler, he’ll become a grade A one once he’s starts snuggling your child. There will be a similarity in the flow of hormones he gets when he cuddles with your child, and when he cuddles with you, and he’ll love them all.

They take better care of their bodies

Your partner may begin to realize that it could be nice to live long enough to see your child get married. He might think twice before competing in the quadruple bacon cheeseburger-eating competition.

They start liking some of their friends less

Your partner’s friends who are a bit selfish, irresponsible and insensitive—he’ll stop seeing them as entertaining wild cards and more as bad people he wouldn’t want his child around.

And some of their friends more

Meanwhile, your partner will have a newfound love and respect for his friends who are caring, considerate and responsible. It’s almost like he is getting over his bad boy phase and learning to appreciate the nice guys.

They don’t care what movie you watch/where you eat

You won’t hear much debate about which movie you watch or where you eat on date night. You’re both just so grateful you found a babysitter that anything sounds good to you!

They’ll talk to your girlfriends about their man problems

Your partner used to tune out your girlfriends when they’d talk about their man problems. Now he thinks, “My daughter could be just like those women one day, and I want her to be happy!”

They become worriers

You know that really chill, relaxed man you used to be with? He will suddenly be the one obsessing over whether or not he turned the stove off or filled the dog’s water bowl. Being a father does that to a man.

They become planners (finally)

You will no longer be the only over-planner in your couple. Your partner will start to think about leaving early to skip traffic, getting to restaurants early before they run out of coloring books and packing snacks in case the food takes a long time.

They are more assertive

When your partner goes out into the world now, he isn’t just representing himself; he’s representing his brood. He will be more assertive about getting the things he wants because he wants them for his whole family now.

instantaneously, a little more insecure

Even the most confident of men will fall apart when their little child won’t hug them, or says, “I hate you, daddy!” Your child’s approval will become everything to your partner.

They question their sex appeal

After changing diapers, wearing a baby sling, and talking in that cartoon voice, your partner will start to ask you if you still find him sexy. Who would have thought?

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