We are all used to seeing women share their beauty secrets on the internet but it’s a lot harder for men to find good grooming tips from other men.

That’s exactly why Mike McMillan started the group Beard Game Matters. He wanted to have a spot where men could collaborate with other men with beards and learn about his beard care products. The group, which started with just a few members, has grown to nearly one-point-five million members in a a week.

And those pointers on grooming has quickly morphed into something else. It’s become the go-to place for women to ogle handsome men with beards and a viral sensation that has people all over the country talking.

“I can barely get any work done because I’m in the group looking at pictures all day long,” said Monica Trahan, who joined the group over the weekend.

Thousands of the posters in the group are from Houston, many of whom were added by friends.

“I didn’t even know what it was,” said Curtis Guillory. “A friend of mine just added me. I was stunned at the the reactions from women.”

And react they are. Each bearded picture can garner anywhere from two to four-thousand comments.

“It’s all in fun,” Trahan added. “It gives women a chance to lust after men for a change. And we love boosting their egos in the process. And I’m not going to lie, the eye candy is amazing.”

McMillan is capitalizing on the viral sensation – starting a beard game matters paid dating site and promoting other endeavors.

Check out the hotness, we mean beards here. 

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