We all know that winter is no jokes when it comes to drying out our skin, but what happens when the lack of moisture makes it way to your scalp?

Recently, professional hairstylist Bukky Ojeifo shared her expert opinion on how to keep your scalp happy, healthy, and most importantly flake-free and moisturized.

To begin, Ojeifo made it clear that the frigid outside temperatures and overheated indoor temps are known to cause havoc on your hair and scalp. So, don’t feel alone ladies.

To combat the dryness, she suggests one simple thing: moisturizing. But, daily.  “I know this can be seen as a lot, but I am always very clear with clients that their hair needs to be handled with intention,” she explained. “Healthy hair and scalp doesn’t happen by accident; you must be as committed to your hair as you are with your teeth!”

As far as moisturizing the scalp, Ojeifo recommends essential oils paired with a nice scalp massage. “For a minute a day, take your desired oil and with your finger tips, gently massage the oils through out your head, being sure to concentrate on areas that you notice the most dryness. This daily habit will help with locking in moisture on your head! An added bonus of a massage is that a scalp massage increases blood circulation to your scalp and promotes hair growth!”

A dry scalp can also be an indicator of your diet, too. As we all know, it’s important to remember that you are what you do and do not eat. So, if your scalp is dry and flaky, more than likely you’re not eating enough fatty acids, which are vital for locking in moisture in your skin and hair. Incorporating foods like salmon, avocado, nuts, spinach will jump start combating dryness immediately.

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