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A mother happy with her mother after. Credit: iStock

There’s nothing in the world like being a parent and though we all hope our children turn out better than we did, is it a little wrong to cross our fingers they won’t cost too much money (insert sarcasm)? Sure there will be costly expenses that range from medical to dental routines, but what about other expenditures like clothing?

Anyone who has a child can testify to the fact that a. children constantly grow and b. children require some cash to keep up with their constant spurts. If you find yourself looking for ways to cut costs, here are some money saving tips for children’s clothing.


Stores do a great job of showcasing their latest and greatest merchandise in the front of the store. Hoping you’ll pay full retail price, if you aren’t too careful you could miss out on nice items that have been marked down on clearance. Before committing to a particular set of clothes, check out the clearance section first for any items that can put some money back in your pocket.


Follow your favorite children’s brands on social media (think Twitter and Facebook) so you can stay in the know with any coupons, discount codes or special sales they may offer. This tip often gets overlooked by people, though we all more than likely spend a considerable amount of time each week (if not day) on these platforms.


Savvy shoppers know the best times to make their purchases. If you are a parent looking for a sale then you might want to start shopping off-season. For example, if a store is focused on winter items there is a strong chance that their late summer items are on clearance or heavily discounted. Though you are buying a season behind you are actually planning ahead. Just make sure you take into account how much your child will grow.


Do you have a friend or family member who also has children? If so you might want to consider exchanging clothes with each other as it’s a great way to save money. They may be known as hand-me-downs, but this is a nice way to score on some children’s clothing without spending a dime.


If you can get over the idea that someone else used the clothing, you will open yourself up to great savings. Look to places like consignment and thrift shops where the clothes are more affordable than what you would pay at a retail store. Just be cautious when buying as you only want to purchase things that have been gently used.


No this doesn’t mean you should purchase all of your children’s clothing in beige, but consider gender neutral attire. Sure your son will more than likely not want to wear your daughter’s skirt, but there are some basic essentials that boys and girls can use. Jeans and t-shirts can shift between boys and girls without too much notice when children are young.


If you are going to shop for children’s clothing, don’t you think it would be wise to enroll in any rewards programs the stores offer? Most rewards programs offer customers points for every purchase that can lead to savings and even freebies.


Opting to make your purchases online can be quite rewarding. Not only does it save you the hassle from trying to find a parking space at the mall but also allows you to use coupon codes (you can Google them) not available to those shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. Just make sure you are somewhat familiar with the sizes as you don’t want to return anything via snail mail.


This might be a no-brainer for some people but don’t forget to include discount stores that double as your favorite clothing spots. Though you should buy quality rather than quantity (as opposed cheap items you will constantly have to replace), there are some serious hidden treasures to be found at discount stores. When shopping, looking for items made of durable and reliable materials like cotton that you know will withstand a good amount of wear and tear.

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