So, Gucci might be on to something here.

The Italian luxury brand caught the attention of many when they posted a series of videos featuring only black models on their Instagram account. Tagged with the hashtag #GucciPreFall17, we’re actually pretty sure that it’s a sneak peak of their upcoming collection. And will all of the faces gracing the videos, we’re super excited to see the outcome!

There’s nine total videos of which were captured during an audition in London, featuring nine black female and male models. The models were asked a variety of questions ranging from “What’s your spirit animal?” to “What does it mean to have soul?” They were even asked to flaunt their dance moves so we’re assuming the campaign will incorporate some sort of dance.

There has yet to be any word on the campaign, but the posting of these videos has us really, really excited about what Gucci has up their sleeve for next season.

See the videos of the models’ audition below.

Check out more auditions here.

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