Posing at Canfidence and Quirks Beauty salon and photography studio.
Posing at Canfidence and Quirks Beauty's salon and photography studio. Credit: Canfidence and Quirks Beauty

Let’s face it, women love to look good and part of that entails finding the best hair stylist to whip their ever-changing ‘do into shape. In fact, when we put out a call for the Top hair stylists in Houston, we got twice as many responses as all the other categories. So we’re not going to call this one the Top 5 Stylists…but 5 of the Top Stylists:-).

Davion Anderson with Serenity Hair Studios.
Davion Anderson with Serenity Hair Studios. Credit: Serenity Hair Studios

Serenity Hair Studios

Davion Anderson

Of course, I have to start with my stylist. I’ve been rocking with ‘Mr. A.’ and his mother, Wanda Anderson for 20 years. He’s kept me Red Carpet ready and didn’t hesitate to call me if he saw me on TV or social media with my hair “looking like a bad wig from a Tyler Perry movie.” (Yes, he’s told me that). But what I love about Mr. A (Davion) is not only his commitment to his craft, or his celebrity clientele, but his passion for helping make wigs for cancer patients. This is one stylist I HIGHLY recommend.

A customer posing for a photo while getting their hair done.
Canfidence and Quirks: A hair salon and photography studio. Credit: Canfidence and Quirks

Canfidence and Quirks

16630 Imperial Valley Drive, Houston, Texas
(832) 758-7258

Canfidence and Quirks is a natural hair and photography studio created with self-care, beauty, and black women in mind. The founder, Garesia (Shay) is the type of beauty creative who is passionate about refining your unique beauty and even capturing it on camera. She prides hereself on curating and documenting beauty experiences for Black women who want to leave their indelible mark on the world and do it with some class, charisma, quirks and Canfidence (confidence rooted in God, purpose and passion). If this sister’s talents are as impressive as her website, she’s a definite winner.

Ciarra Anderson posing for photo.
Ciarra Anderson, owner of Hair by Ci, licensed Hair Stylist, Certified Life Coach, and Sisterlock TM Trainee. Credit: Hair by Ci

Hair By Ci

25242 Kingsland Blvd , Katy, TX
(832) 400-3202

Owner Ciarra Anderson is a licensed Hair Stylist, Certified Life Coach, and Sisterlock TM Trainee. She specializes in natural healthy hair and enjoys teaching people how to take care of their hair and their children’s hair. This hair color and texture expert believes she was called to a purpose to grow and empower women in many ways.

Lashuna Brumfield at her salon.
Lashuna Brumfield, owner of Shun B Salon, is a stylist promoting healthy hair Credit: Shun B Salons

Shun B Salons

2646 S Loop W, Houston, TX 77054
(713) 484-9911

One name that appeared multiple times in our call for stylists was Lashuna Brumfield from Shun B Salons. This stylist promotes healthy hair and specializes in short styles, stylish cuts, silkpress, relaxers, quick weaves, traditional sew-ins, color.

Customer photo testimonies.
Customer photo testimonies from Simply Shae’s braiding Credit: Simply Shae

Simply Shae

(346) 242-4671

Looking to get braided, Shae’s customers say she’s the one.

I’m a Houstonian (by way of Smackover, Arkansas). My most important job is being a wife to my amazing husband, mother to my three children, and daughter to my loving mother. I am the National Bestselling...