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We pray that you and your family are safe and sound during these unusual circumstances.

Have you ever noticed that the Black community may be shifting from our traditional beliefs? Democrat to Independent… Christian to Spiritual. Aswad Walker examines the New Black Identity and all that comes with it in this week’s must-read centerfold.

Fit & Fine features the focused and determined Trainer and CEO Ryan Mosby. Read more about this extremely talented brother online or in this week’s newspaper.

Having trouble paying rent? Read how Texas State officials plan to roll out a $1.3 billion rental assistance program for those struggling to keep up with housing payments during a shaky economic recovery.

Local residents are seriously concerned about the social justice racial disparity that exist in Harris County. Learn the facts and make a judgment call for yourself in the Defender.

In the midst of COVID-19, TSU Guard Michael Weathers has had to deal with adversity coming from every direction. Terrence Harris breaks down how this young leader keeps his team focused during these tumultuous times.

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