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The biggest power couple in the world, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, are making history yet again. See what incredible accomplishment these two have reached together in this week’s Defender, you may be surprised.

Why did those Democrats return and give the Texas House a quorum? Rep. Garnet Coleman, one of the three returning Democratic lawmakers, explains why he made the decision to come back.

The reward is six figures as the City of Houston and New Orleans continuing to mourn the loss of beloved Officer Everett Briscoe, who was killed recently in the Galleria Area of Houston. The search for his killers is becoming more intense by the day. See what is being done locally to find the criminals in this week’s Defender.

Are Texas public schools still SEGREGATED? Defender Education Writer Laura Onyeneho shares what Children at Risk, a local education non-profit, has found related to racial inequities.

Prairie View A&M Panthers superstar offensive lineman, Danny Garza, experienced a major culture shock in choosing to attend an HBCU, coming from a predominately Hispanic environment. Defender Pro/ College Sports Editor Terrance Harris walks through how this impactful change in Garzas’ life led him to his NFL dreams.

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