In this week’s Defender

Houston Area High School football is back baby!!! Want to know who to watch this season? High School Sports Editor Jodie B. Jiles and Jimmie Aggison have compiled a list of the Who’s Who and the expectations couldn’t be any higher.  

There is hope on the horizon for the Houston Rockets and it has come in the form of the #2 overall NBA Draft pick Jalen Green. See what Pro/ College Sports Editor Terrance Harris has to say about the high expectation the team has for Green in this rebuild.

If you live in Houston you are very familiar with one of the city’s busiest freeways- I-45. The I-45 rebuild project is pending and there is a major debate surrounding it. Check out the facts behind the project and what local leaders have to say about the project in this week’s Defender.

Fit and Fine has an extra special feature this week. We had the pleasure to feature the Fitness Guru and Motivational Coach Edrina Newman. This inspiring entrepreneur has a story you won’t want to miss. Check out her full story online at this Friday.

Lawmakers vow to continue to fight for voting rights. In this week’s Defender see what notable Houston politician has been arrested based on her strong convictions for voting rights for all.

Texas extends eviction protection. Find out the importance of this move and how it will directly impact a large number of Texans.

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