In this week’s Defender

We can’t breathe. The crisis confronting America is rooted in 400 years of racism and discrimination. We can’t breathe because of police brutality and racism. This week, we remember the fallen who were tragically killed by police officers and in some instances, vigilante citizens. In addition, we look at a blueprint for achieving police reform.

The sports world reacts. Discover how the sports world is reacting to George Floyd’s death, protests and police brutality. See what Michael Jordan, LeBron James and others have to say.

In other news. A review of admissions irregularities reveals that Texas Southern University awarded more than $2 million in aid to unqualified students; Houston mourns the loss of Pastor Manson B. Johnson of Holman Street Baptist Church; and the White House is reaching out to Black leaders for a listening session, but at least three heads of civil rights organizations aren’t interested.

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