In this week’s Defender

Can you believe folks only want to teach parts of the TRUTH and leave others out?  Interpretation: WHITE America is filtering history to make them look superior. Check out the details of this story and many others in the Defender.

Texas Colleges will soon be singing “We are in the money” with the announcement of $2 Billion in federal stimulus money from coronavirus funding! How will this money be split between the schools? What will the money be used for? Well, I am so glad you asked because you can find out the answer to those questions and many others in this week’s Defender.  

If you haven’t heard the name Anthony Collier before, expect to be hearing it much more in the near future. This young game-changer is the subject of our Defender spotlight this week for good reason. The conversation between Defender Associate Editor Aswad Walker and Collier gives you insight into who this brother really is.  

Many are questioning if the Houston Texans have moved on from superstar Quarterback Deshaun Watson, especially since they recently picked up a quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft. See what Professional/ College Sports Editor Terrance Harris has to say on this hot topic.

Houston High School athletes showed up and showed out at this year’s State track meet in Austin, Texas. High School Sports Editor Jodie Jiles breaks down how H-Town track stars took gold in several categories. 

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