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This week we received the tragic news that decorated General Colin Powell has passed away. See how his legacy will live on amongst the Black community, who had mixed feelings about Powell, in this week’s NEWS section.

Healthy Living has become a much more pronounced topic, especially involving Black folks. Learn why more and more Black people are turning to Yoga for Health and Wellness with Defender Associate Editor Aswad Walker.

Side Gigs, at this point we’ve all got one or even two of them. In this week’s Spotlight, see how two forward-thinking young ladies, Simone May and Madison Long, founded Clutch to inspire and give college students a place to allow their side business to thrive.

WNBA superstar Didi Richards is well known in most professional basketball circles, but do you know how much hardship this baller went through to get to where she is today? Richards has a message you don’t want to miss that she shared with Defender Sports Editor Terrance Harris.  

To say that Atascocita High School Senior Left Tackle Kam Dewberry built DIFFERENT is a complete understatement.  This EXTREMELY talented brother is a true FORCE on the field. Learn more about Dewberry with Defender High School Sports Editor Jodie B. Jiles.

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