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BLACK WOMEN are under attack. Domestic violence has always been a major issue in America but did you know that amongst Black women the problem is growing by the day. Defender Managing Editor ReShonda Tate digs deep into the fight against Domestic Violence and gets local women’s perspectives on the mounting issue.

For 90 years the Defender has enjoyed bringing you news you can use. Join the celebration and meet our extremely talented team that makes it all possible. Also find out some fun facts about each person.

‘Ain’t nobody here to see you Otis’. We all remember that immortal line from the movie The Temptations. Read what the founding member of The Temptations Otis Williams has to say about the true meaning behind the strength of the group in this week’s Defender.

In ‘Let the People Be Heard’ the topic is Condoleezza Rice rejecting Critical Race Theory. And the people had a lot to say in ‘Let the People Be Heard’.Don’t miss this Page Two feature.

JP Morgan Chase Bank is making some serious investments in the Black Community. See what Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was doing in Houston recently. Make sure to check out the Defender’s EXCLUSIVE interview with him at  

When you talk about the perfect combination of speed and power on the football field, it is a must that you mention Madison High School Junior Running Back Chase DeVaughn. High School Sports Editor, Jodie Jiles, breaks down what makes DeVaughn a defining game-changer.

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