In this week’s Defender

Houston history! For the first time three major sports franchises have African-American Head Coaches- at the SAME time and brothers deserve our recognition.  Professional/ College Sports Editor Terrance Harris sheds light on this historical moment in the city.

Juanita and Bridgette Sharkey are blazing new trails as business owners. These sisters are Houston-born and raised and now they are the proud owners of The Original Hot Dog Factory.  Check out their amazing story in this week’s business section.

Fit & Fine put the bright shining spotlight on the beautiful Nurse, Professor Author Fitness Instructor, and Owner of Strong Squad Holly Cotton. This multitalented Diva is ready to motivate you with her story. Check it out online on Friday.

Are you dealing with financial stress due to the pandemic? Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and learn how to get $1,500 in relief in this week’s Defender.

Infectious Disease Dr. Joseph Gathe Jr. has some real wisdom to share related to the COVID booster shot and why it is needed.

Westfield Defensive Lineman A.J Holmes is constantly showing why he is always one of the most talented players on the field. High School Sports Editor Jodie B. Jiles breaks down what makes Holmes so special in this week’s Defender.

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