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The COVID-19 pandemic has truly taken its toll on our healthcare workers, and there is still so much work to be done. Black nurses are exhausted and the medical field as a whole is experiencing personnel shortages due to the rise of COVID cases. Read first-hand what local Black medical experts like Dr. Cleve JamesDr. Lola Denise Jefferson (founder/ President Emeritus/ Executive Director of the Fort Bend County Black Nurses Association), and Mental Health Nurse Terri Teketeke Dickerson have to say about this mounting problem.

Now you know at the Defender we love us some Roland Martin. But did you know he is starting his very own Black television network? Find out more details in this week’s Defender.

Nationally-renown physician Dr. Joseph Gathe did not hold his tongue when sharing his thoughts on the seriousness and severity of COVID-19 and the misinformation surrounding it. See the vital information Dr. Gathe has in our IN FOCUS section.

The NFL is jumping back into full gear this week and the Superstars are shining as bright as ever. Find out from Pro/College Sports Editor Terrance Harris, which Houston-raised athletes are expected to do BIG things this season.

Third Ward Stand Up!!! Jack Yates football seriously has something to celebrate this year. A large reason for that is senior wide receiver/ cornerback Randy “BoBo” Masters. High School Sports Editor Jodie B. Jiles breaks down Masters’ impact on the game in this week’s Defender.

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