There are so many good Black shows continuing into 2018. Some of them are chucking deuces, and some are in it for the long haul. Here are my predictions for these, our favorite shows. Bookmark this and hold me accountable!

Insecure: Issa will continue to be messy

(Photo/Facebook, Insecure)

Issa Rae and co ended Insecure’s second season on a somewhat somber note for everyone.

Issa and Lawrence had a mature heart to heart about the ups and downs of their relationship and ended up giving each other a tearful goodbye that felt like the forever kind. However, in Season 3, Issa and Lawrence will continue to orbit each other in unhealthy ways as Issa toys with Daniel’s emotions.

Molly will find out that Dro’s wife is not actually down with the whole open marriage idea, and she’ll have to work through that while figuring out her job situation now that she’s over-complicated things by sleeping with a potential co-worker. She’ll have that same awesome therapist, though, so maybe she can come out on top. Tiffany’s bougie behind will have the messy bits of her life exposed as she and her husband begin their dive into parenthood and they get more storylines. Issa will still be delivering one of our favorite shows.

Being Mary Jane: Pauletta will get what she deserves

(Photo/Facebook, Being Mary Jane)

Instead of a final television season, Being Mary Jane is doing a two-hour movie finale. Maybe they will dig up Mary Jane’s little brother so he can at least make an appearance. I miss that guy.

In the finale of the most recent season, Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) got a bended-knee proposal from her fella, played by Michael Ealy. For the movie, Pauletta (aka Mary Jane) will do what she does and manage to F up her relationship in some type of Hollywood way that would not really happen in real life.

That will be the crux of the movie, and by the end, Mary Jane and her beau will reconcile, but no wedding yet.

 Scandal: Oliva will pass the baton

(Photo/Facebook, Scandal)

To be honest, I haven’t really cared about Scandal in a minute. I just don’t care about Kerry Washington’s little quivering pout and who she will soft-fast tell off in any particular scene.

I’m glad this will be the last season. The real questions are: Is Quinn still alive? And who will Olivia end up with in the end? My guesses are that Quinn is in fact still alive and Olivia will end up semi by herself with a robust dating life.

It would be too neat to have her be with Fitz or the Puppy (aka Jake). In fact, Jake might die. In the last episode, viewers will see Olivia wooing the new Jake and grooming the new Olivia. You might have noticed that Olivia has ZERO Black girlfriends.

Atlanta: Earn’s gonna earn

(Photo/Facebook, Atlanta)

Atlanta was so fun and cute and Black. In the last episode, we saw the protagonist (Donny Glover) give all his dollars to the mother of his child and then slide in for the night on a cot in a storage unit.

For the next season, viewers will see Earn (Donny Glover) continue to struggle to make ends meet and find purpose with his cuz Paper Boi and their homie. He and the mother of his little girl will try to have a little something official again, but it won’t quite work, and Earn will continue to try and hence f*ck up on every front professionally and personally.

Queen Sugar: Ralph Angel is Blue’s daddy (even if just in spirit)

Queen Sugar)

Look. Ralph Angel’s fine ass is Blue’s daddy. Even if Darla don’t know for sure because of the date rape/druggy party situation, that’s his daddy. That’s that.

Even though it’s kinda “duh” to do a DNA test, there will be no test done, because our dear Ralphie is too invested. It just doesn’t matter at this point. That’s his boy. Charlie will find herself back to Remy (even though she doesn’t really deserve him right now), and Nova will find some new person’s life to turn upside down in her eclectic life.

Vi and Hollywood will have a good ol’ time with that new money. Somebody will die, though. Someboy’s boo will die. Maybe even Remy.

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