We don’t know why ANYONE would try to get over on rapper 50 Cent. The famed rapper, turned TV mogul, has no shame when it comes to collecting his coins. If you owe him, he wants his money. And sometimes, he’s going to shame you in the process. That’s why we can’t understand why in the world a disgraced employee from the rapper’s Sire Spirits company would think it was a good idea to steal over six million dollars.

The rapper was cleared earlier this month to start collecting on the $6,283,598.50 debt after emerging victorious in a seven-figure lawsuit filed against Mitchell Green, the former Brand Management Director at Le Chemin du Roi champagne. Green was found guilty of “embezzling” upwards of $2 million from the company in October 2021 after being caught in 2020.

a side-by-side image of 50 Cent and a lavish home with a black, circle-shaped overlay in the center that says "Black Millionaire" in gold font
The rapper told Mitchell Green on IG that he wanted him out by Monday. Courtesy: IG

50 Cent says he will now seize Green’s home. The G-Unit mogul took to Instagram on to share a screenshot of Green’s house along with a report about him taking it, and added his additional plans in the caption.

“I think i’m gonna put Epoxy floors in this place,” he wrote. “I’m gonna keep it and his family pictures around, you know as a theme for the place. LOL.”

Le Chemin du Roi champagne which translates to “The King’s Path,” was created in 2019 through 50’s Sire Spirits. While the champagne already costs over $150 a bottle, Green had reportedly been inflating the prices and pocketing extra kickbacks from wholesalers that he claimed were “agency fees,” court documents show.

The court issued a final award of $6,194,293 in favor of Sire Spirits in October 2021, which included pre-judgment interest, attorney’s fees, arbitrator compensation and other fees.

Green challenged this ruling and tried to have the award vacated, but the court denied his request last June. The court then added on an additional $89,305.50 in attorney’s fees last November.

Additionally, the Power mogul is also suing Michael Caruso, who reportedly concocted this scheme with Green by claiming to have a connection with the Taittinger champagne family, which proved to be fabricated. Per the original lawsuit, Caruso and his wife reportedly invoiced Green for their cut of the profit.