<> FOX Studios on August 16, 2011 in New York City.

A hearing was held Thursday where professor Christine Blasey Ford bravely told her account of Judge Kavanaugh reportedly sexually assaulting her and groping her when they were teenagers. The hearing could be the deathknell in Kavanaugh’s rally for Supreme Court Justice Of The United States–that is of course, if the folks in Washington choose to believe women.

In the aftermath of a dramatic, emotional, hearing, Fox News Contributor, Kevin Jackson, had some loaded words for Kavanaugh’s accusers, calling them “lying skanks.”

“Feminists are their own worst enemies, and the enemy of women,” Jackson tweeted. “Also, they want men to NEVER be believed. I’m not succumbing. To HELL with the notion women must be believed no matter what. Lying skanks is what these three women are, and we ALL know more.”

Jackson was fired after tweeting out his sentiments. Fox News gets it wrong a lot, but they made the right call with this one.

His loaded venom aimed towards victims of assault, insinuated that the Democratic Party “declared a war on men.”

He also insisted that Kavanaugh was “the victim.”

His string of crass tweets continued throughout the hearing.

During her testimony, Ford was described by the NY Times as [composed] throughout the hearing, as she described how, “Brett’s [alleged] assault on [her] drastically altered [her] life.”

Kavanaugh, however, is described as “aggressive and tearful.”

Ford said of her decision to testify, “I struggled with a terrible choice: Do I share the facts with the Senate and put myself and my family in the public spotlight? Or do I preserve our privacy and allow the Senate to make its decision without knowing the full truth of his past behaviors?”