For many, freshman year of college can be a difficult transition and this is coming from the daughter of a retired physical therapist and a nutritionist and not from someone who’s Daddy was revered and respected leader of the free world for eight years. In addition to taking on a full course load at the prestigious Harvard University, Malia Obama is making friends and navigating her new world as an undergrad. For the nineteen-year-old whose father Chance The Rapper literally begged to come back to the White House on last week’s SNL airing, it’s no surprise that Maliah’s first year of college will probably be anything but average.

Over the past week, videos of the former first daughter kissing at a tailgate and blowing smoke rings in a bathroom went viral. When the videos of her participating in pretty normal undergrad activities went viral, celebrities came to her defense telling the media to let the girl live a little. Trump supporters who have been looking for any crumbs of scandal they could possibly tie the Obama administration to of course ate the leaked vids up, but most people came to her defense stating the Ivy Leaguer puffing and pecking was truly “non-news” and the videos were violations of her privacy.

Former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton came to Malia’s defense, stating that it’s time for the media to leave her alone, especially given that she doesn’t even reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue anymore:

Ivanka Trump followed up Clinton’s remarks with a warning of her own.

Rapper Common stated briefly that it’s time we leave Malia alone.

Lastly, rapper T.I. and Xscape member Tiny’s daughter Zonnique shot her shot Malia Obama with an invitation to be BFFs since clearly the one’s she’s surrounded by are more concerned with leaking Malia’s extra-curricular activities online instead of putting the camera down and enjoying her company:

Malia O if you ever need some real friends just hit my line????????‍

— baby spice (@Zonnique) November 24, 2017

If anything is clear, Malia is living her best life and not just sitting around tweeting about it. Maybe it’s time Trump and his supporters do the same. I mean, seriously, her father was known to blow a smoke ring or two back in his days as an Ivy Leaguer, and from what we can see, he did OK for himself and the whole country, for that matter.

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