Chris Rock is taking full credit for his bad decisions.

In the comedian’s new Netflix special, “Chris Rock: Tamborine,” which debuted on Valentine’s Day, Rock talks about the demise of his 19-year marriage to Malaak Compton.

The 53-year-old admits that he was “not a good husband” and candidly talks about cheating on his wife with three different women while on the road.

“It’s fucked up. When guys cheat, it’s like we want something new,” Rock says in his special, according to E News. “But then you know what happens? Your woman finds out, and now she’s new. She is never the same again. So now you have new, but you have a bad new.”

Rock concludes that he “brought this shit on myself. Nobody told me to go ho up.” He was to blame for his 2014 divorce, he says.

“It’s my fault, because I’m a fucking asshole. I didn’t listen. I wasn’t kind. I had an attitude. I thought, ‘I pay for everything, I can do what I want.’ That shit don’t fucking work! I just thought I was the shit.”

Rock’s views on marriage have never been positive, however ― at least in terms of how he has described it in his comedy.

“Marriage is so tough,” the comedian joked in a 2004 HBO special. “Nelson Mandela got divorced — he got out of jail after 27 years of torture, spent six months with his wife and said, ‘I can’t take this shit no more.’”

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