Comedian Dave Chappelle gave his late friend Charlie Murphy a touching tribute at a John Mayer concert this week.

Arguably the person who introduced Murphy to the masses, Chappelle made a surprise appearance at Mayer’s Columbus, Ohio, show on Wednesday, where he dedicated the Mayer song, “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” to his pal.

“Today I got some terrible news. My good friend Charlie Murphy passed away this morning, and everybody in comedy is heartbroken,” said Chappelle, according to the New York Daily News.

Murphy, who died Wednesday after suffering from leukemia, was a writer and player on Chappelle’s hit Comedy Central vehicle, Chappelle’s Show.

He said Mayer’s song reminded him of the 57-year-old comedian.

Mayer then chimed in, “Much more than a friend … and author of my favorite phrase, ‘habitual line-stepper.’”

Chappelle then mimicked Murphy’s hilarious delivery, “Rick James was a habitual line-stepper.”

Mayer and Chappelle were referencing one of Chappelle’s most famous sketches, “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories,” where Murphy recounted the real-life story of hanging with Rick James in the 1980s. In the two-part sketch, Murphy tells recounts the “cocaine-is-a-helluva-drug” singer doing all kinds of wild shit like slapping Charlie Murphy in the head in front of people and muddying Eddie Murphy’s couch.

Mayer then played “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” in honor of Charlie Murphy.

“Rest in peace Charlie Murphy. We love you. We loved your comedy, we loved your stories and we love your spirit,” Chappelle said.

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