Black Panther is ready to hit theaters on February 16 and Disney is in full promotion gear. However, someone on their marketing team screwed up and social media is outraged. Disney created a White version of Black Panther in the shape of a pin. See below:

Marvel’s Black Panther pin

Unless that’s Clark Kent trying out Black Panther’s outfit, the man in the mask, who we assume is supposed to be T’Challa, is a white dude. What the hell was Disney thinking? According to The Wrap, the pin was seen at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Wrap claims it could be a production error because “the normal Black Panther mask doesn’t leave any part of his face exposed.” Why would the production error automatically go to a white version? White-washing Black movies for marketing is an old school Hollywood strategy. Even as recent as 2013, an Italian movie poster for 12 Years a Slave featured none of the Black actors.

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