Black women are leading the latest pandemic beauty trend, proving that not even COVID-19 quarantines can’t get in the way of a well-deserved ladies’ night.

The “Don’t Rush” challenge has many online showing off transformations from comfy attire to fabulous looks that would stun at any nightclub.

Watch the video above to see the brilliant transformations in action.

Eight inventors deserve full credit for coming up with the challenge that’s bringing together women who love fashion: Victoria Penn-Timity, Feranmi Oyelade, Anu Asekun, Aderinsola Oladimeji, Sylvia Kitenge, Toluwalase Asolo, Oyindasola Oladimej, and Arielle Neely.

Hailing from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Congo, as well as Turks and Caicos, the group of friends decided to make a compilation that would keep spirits up during quarantine.

“We wanted to highlight the togetherness in isolation. As we understand in this period, a lot of people may slip into depression due to high levels of inactivity and idleness,” Neely told HuffPost Canada over Instagram.

Neely added that the inventors chose to feature transformations in order to challenge narratives they were hearing that women are only beautiful if they wear makeup.

And their choice of “Don’t Rush” by Young T and Bugsey?

“The title’s a metaphor,” Neely explained. “Doing your makeup and finding an outfit is a therapeutic process that shouldn’t be rushed.”

It helped that a particular line encapsulated how sensational getting dressed to the nines made them feel: “I got the juice, the sauce, and all them things.”

Creatives from South Africa, Nigeria, and other countries from the continent are bringing their finest to these at-home fashion shows.

Nneoma, a New York-based influencer, racked up views with a Nigerian edition featuring her friends.

Among others who took up the challenge, doctors were eager to show off their uniforms, along with some truly inspired off-duty fashion.

Male doctors weren’t going to miss out on the action. Dr. Jamine Ifedi and his friends put their own spin on the challenge.

“White coats, Black doctors,” was the clever caption accompanying his Instagram post.

-Huffington Post