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Drake’s “KiKi” has been revealed

For weeks since Drake released Scorpion and the #InMyFeelingsChallenge took off, fans have been trying to figure out who KiKi could possibly be. An insider close to Drake has finally cracked the case, according to The Jasmine Brand.

The real KiKi is actually  K’yanna Barber, a 24-year-old woman from Oakland, California that Drake was dating.

Drake has a history of name dropping girls that he’s been romantically linked to in his songs so this isn’t far-fetched. The two were reportedly seeing each other back in 2016 but the relationship was short-lived.

It’s highly likely that K’yanna is also the KB sings about, as those are her initials.

Of course, she’s loving all of the attention. And if the question is if she’s riding, the answer is yes. Recently, she defended Drake after it was discovered that he had a child that the public didn’t know about.

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