Instead of being met with excitement and congratulatory remarks, the announcement of Pepa’s new relationship and her new man, Aundre Dean were welcomed with drama. Mostly because not only is he still married, his wife, Jordan Taylor, did not take the news of their coupledom lying down. Instead, she shared details about their scandalous breakup. And now that the relationship is beyond repair, she’s sharing even more details in their divorce proceedings.

According to The Blast, who obtained court documents from the divorce, Taylor mentioned Pepa (Sandra Denton’s) name more than once.

She’s accused the singer of flaunting their relationship on social media while he’s still legally married. Dean filed for divorce on March 8 and Pepa posted about their relationship in May.

Dean claims that he and Taylor, who married in 2016, separated in January 2018. The couple have a one-year-old son together and Taylor just gave birth to their second child, a daughter, last week.

Dean is asking that the court deny Taylor spousal support and are seeking joint physical and legal custody of their children.

Taylor responded requesting primary physical and legal custody and wants Dean to only be allowed visitation.

At the time of her filing, Taylor said, ““He abandoned me and our one-year-old son and cheated on me with another woman. He has not paid any support and I am the victim of domestic violence, and there is currently a TRO (temporary restraining order) in place.”

She continued, “ “I can’t explain Aundre’s erratic behavior. I believe this is just another stunt for his reality show. His girlfriend, Pepa, from the old hip hop group Salt n Pepa – have decided to make their relationship public on social media and on their reality show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop,’ which has caused some public black-lash [sic], as Aundre is still legally married with a pregnant wife. He has destroyed me and my family on social media and TV. I have been publicly humiliated at my home, work and school.”

Dean denies the accusations, saying that Taylor demanded he leave their apartment. He stated that he and Taylor separated amicably last year. (We should note that the two were last seen together on Instagram on December 28, 2017.)

He says that Taylor’s claims of him being a cheater and a bad father get picked up by the media overtime she makes them because of his relationship with Pepa. He’s accusing her of releasing false information and courting talk shows to paint herself as the victim.

He says he’s never cheated on her and the two have been separated for six months. No word on whether he means six months from now or six months from when he filed in March.