As coronavirus containment efforts are underway, folks are staying at home, canceling weddings, and foregoing movie theaters in exchange for at-home entertainment. These are good and necessary precautions that are being supported by local governments (New York City, for example, recently announced it’d be shutting down Broadway shows for a month).

This can all be terrifying and anxiety-inducing, so allow yourself to feel good for one minute (or two) and soak in the new Insecure trailer, dropped by actress and creator Issa Rae Thursday on Twitter.

“In exactly one month, @insecurehbo is back!” Rae announced. “So geeked for you guys to see Season 4 and to hear this season’s amazing soundtrack!”

So what can we glean from this sumptuously-shot trailer? Issa has “no job” and “no man,” but that doesn’t mean she’s not working—or having to deal with messy entanglements. She seems like she’s putting together the block party she mentioned in season three, but Issa also has to deal with Lawrence (Jay Ellis) dating one of her new friends.

In one standout scene from the trailer, Issa chats with her friend (and Lawrence’s new love interest) Condola, played by Christina Elmore.

“L.A. is just so small,” Condola says from across what is presumably her office desk.

“So small! Where are all the good men at?” Issa responds. “Where [are] your exes? Let me run up on them like you runnin’ up on mine!”

Big yikes.

The first episode won’t be here for another month (wah!) but if you’re feeling lonely and shut-in in the run-up to the premiere on April 12, there’s plenty of time to revisit the first three seasons!

-The Root