Jamie Foxx, like each and every one of us walking the earth, proves that you have no clue as to what they are really dealing with or what they’ve dealt with in the past.

All that to say that Foxx, like Kanye West, has had to deal with mental issues, too. West confirmed his bipolar disorder diagnosis on his new album, Ye, which was released Friday morning.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by wild mood swings, mania, depression and suicidal thoughts. Millions of people are diagnosed with bipolar disorder and most of them are stable on medication.

Jamie, 50, sat down with Hip Hollywood to talk about his own experience with mental illness.

“When [Kanye] talked about the drugs, the mental drugs, I’ve had an episode of that,” Jamie told HH exclusively. “When [Kanye] was talking about the, ‘I went in for 2 pills, and the 7 pills [he received from the hospital],’ that’s real!”

Jamie, unlike Kanye, had a strong support system to hold him down during one manic episode.

“I was lucky enough to have people, like my sister, like my family, to say yo, you can’t go out right now cuz you talking crazy,” Jamie shared.

Watch the video above, as the BET Awards host explains his experience during a scary mental health crisis.