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Journalists offered reward to ask Trump about U.S.—Wakanda relations

Want to know what would happen if a reporter seriously asked President Donald Trump how that bilateral trade agreement with Wakanda is panning out?

You’re not the only one. On Saturday, A widely-shared tweet from Sara Benincasa, a screenwriter and author, called for a journalist to “very seriously” ask Trump “his opinion on our nation’s relations with Wakanda”—the fictional country from Marvel’s Black Panther comics.

It’s no stretch of the imagination to believe Trump would deliver an answer. This is, after all, the same man who made up a whole-ass African country (“Nambia”—whose health system is “increasingly self-sufficient,” apparently).

Benincasa offered $300 of her own money and, after many users chimed in with their support, said she would start a “crowdfunding or Venmo situation” that would allow others to contribute to the purse. The stipulations: The question needs to be asked by a member of the media, and the question and answer must be recorded live on video.

“I love you, hardworking reporters,” Benincasa wrote in her Twitter thread. “I believe the person who wins this prize could very well be a national star already, but I also believe in student journalists and small town reporters with gumption, grit, and a working knowledge of Wakanda sociopolitical issues.” She also added the hashtag, #WakandaGate to the thread.

“This is your Frost/Nixon moment my babies!” Benincasa wrote.

Some sample questions for the brave reporter who will eventually ask this question.

  • Will the U.S. investigate Hillary Clinton’s alleged vibranium deal with Wakanda?
  • Will the White House be hosting King Jaffe Joffer this year? Does he plan to attend the royal wedding of Prince Akeem and Princess Lisa?
  • Is the president concerned about Wakanda’s condemnation of his recent immigration comments?
  • How does the President feel about the resettlement of Pride Rock?


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