Many might assume that Miguel Nunez Jr. would be spending this time of quarantine in his big Beverly Hills mansion like the other celebrities we see filling up our timelines. But instead, last week, the Juwanna Mann star found himself being carted away in handcuffs after he allegedly stole $200 worth of groceries.

But before any sends sympathy to what they may assume was yet another actor who falling on hard times during a global pandemic, that’s not so. That’s not quite what lead to his run-in with the law.

According to TMZ, last week Nunez found himself standing in an incredibly long line at popular Los Angeles supermarket chain Ralph’s. Unfortunately, when it was finally his turn to be run-up, his credit card got declined during payment.

Instead of choosing another form of payment, the 55-year-old grew impatient. He just stormed out of the store with his groceries.

At the time, he got away with the theft. However, a few days later when he boldly returned to the scene of the crime for more food, he was put under a citizen’s arrest and the police were called by store employees.

Responding LAPD officers arrested Nunez but ultimately opted not to bring him to the police station due to concerns about spreading the coronavirus. To mitigate the chances of spreading COVID-19, until further notice no one is being put behind bars for minor offenses. Instead, the actor was reportedly given a ticket and then sent back home to self-quarantine.

Despite the arrest, Nunez swears this was all a misunderstanding and claims he was actually returning to the store to pay for the items he previously walked out with. But he alleges the store manager declined his offer and informed him he wasn’t special before calling authorities.

On Monday, the actor announced he would be donating groceries to those in need.

“GM All. In light of my miss understanding & Incident at Ralphs I am donating $1000 in Groceries-to the Elderly. And ask if anyone would like to contribute in groceries or with your time to deliver to those who need it most. Reach out. Let’s make a difference. Donate to – The Help Give Care Foundation,” he posted.

-The Griot