Mara Brock Akil Done “Begging” Studios To Fund A Girlfriends Movie

This week, Mara Brock Akil‘s newest series, Love Is __, debuted on OWN. And while she’s riding the wave of good vibes as that story, which is based on her actual relationship with husband Salim Akil, is shared, along with reveling in the success of CW’s Black Lightning, which she produces, she’s still being asked about Girlfriends. Specifically, she’s still being asked about the likelihood of a film based on the hit series being made. In an interview with Vulture, Mara stated that while “I have a script idea for a movie” ready, she’s done begging folks to see the value in making Girlfriends into a film. Despite her best efforts, she needs more than the desire of the former cast and a script. She needs the financial support, which she can’t seem to get, even though so many would love to see a movie.

“Yeah, you can tell any studio in town: If they got 50 to 60 million, I already have the script. We can make an epic story and we can make a lot of money, but me hustling and knocking on doors begging to do this story is not where it is anymore,” she said. “It deserves somebody to see the value in it and write that check. That’s what it’s about. People often think I have the power. Well, I have a lot of creative input, I know the vision of it, but I need the money. That’s what this industry is all about — supporting artists and supporting storytellers and hearing the audience for what they want and need. There still is a lack of value for what black women want, yet we have proven to be one of the strongest consumers in the marketplace. Yet we still are undervalued about what we want and need So, yeah, I have a script. It’ll be great. But I can’t keep worrying about that and hustling that because I wouldn’t have come up with Nuri and Yasir. I wouldn’t have helped launch Black Lightning. I have a lot more stories in me. Begging someone to see the value of Girlfriends, I can’t do it anymore.”

In a chat with MadameNoire last month, actress Jill Marie Jones, who played Toni Childs on Girlfriends, said she was down for a film, but also had another equally amazing idea in mind for down the line if that didn’t work out.

“The brilliant, brilliant creator and beautiful Mara Brock Akil, she had us over to see what our thoughts were, like thinking about doing a movie or something, and everybody was down. And hopefully we’ll get to,” she said. “But you know what would be so dope? When I get to be 65 and we all get together, like the Black Golden Girls. I think that would be really fun and interesting.”