While many of us are looking on at Mary J. Blige’s recent accomplishments with pride, we already know her estranged husband and former manager Kendu Isaacs is looking at them like a payday. But if he thought her recent success for her role in Mudbound was going to result in some more money in his pocket, he thought wrong.

According to documents obtained by The BlastBlige argues against paying Isaacs any spousal support. In fact, she blames him for her current financial dilemma. 


Blige states that the costs for her to participate in the film outweighed the compensation she received. In lieu of her financial situation, Blige has had to seek out new projects to generate income. But the roles she’s accepted in tv and film aren’t necessarily lucrative, they just support her brand and image. 

The document states “The film “Mudbound” for example has produced no net income for Petitioner, but has garnered her critical acclaim and award nominations. Pursuant to the Mudbound contract, the expenses Petitioner was required to pay in connection with filming Mudbound were greater than her salary.” 

Today, Blige’s main source of income has come from touring. Still, she states that as a legacy artist, there is no market for her to embark on a major world tour every year. 

Blige doesn’t own her music catalog and owes $25 million for advances she’s taken throughout her career.

Blige states that paying any support to Isaacs would be unfair due to the $12 million  debt that they accrued as a couple, when he was her manager. According to Blige, she’s still in the process of paying that off. And instead of working, Isaacs has been unwilling to get a job and sees Blige as his “bank.” 

The former couple are set to see each other in court again next month.

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