There seemed to be some confusion about whether or not Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan is single, but he’s clearing the air and putting the rumors to rest.

“Technically I’m single,” the 30-year-old told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday. “Dating but, you know, technically single.”

You hear that, ladies? The sexy star isn’t completely off the market yet.

After photos of Jordan with a woman surfaced and sparked rumors they were dating, fans weren’t too pleased. But, crisis adverted because it looks like he’s still playing the field.

While he’s still single, Jordan admitted that one of his biggest fears is not having someone special by his side later in life.

“One of my biggest fears is ending up being alone,” he said in Jay-Z’s Footnotes For 4:44. “Not having what my mom and dad have because the times are so different and my circumstances… I don’t want to work less, you know?” he said. “So the more I work, the more, you know, seen or known you are… the more you’re sought after.” He also explained that with that territory, comes “less genuine” options to choose from.

Here’s to hoping Jordan finds the soul mate he seeks.

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