Michael Strahan was absent from Good Morning America on Tuesday, but he returned Wednesday morning to explain why he had been gone, sporting a bandage on his finger after losing part of it in an accident.

When he came back, he attributed his absence to “a little accident.”

“Lost a little bit of my pinky,” he explained to co-hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

Although he didn’t go into details of how he hurt himself, he seemed to be in good spirits about the whole ting, laughing and joking about it with his co-hosts while wearing a bandage wrapped around his pinky finger.

“A guy before just said, ‘Michael, we pinky swear.’ Or something like that,” he said on Wednesday morning’s show, according to Us Weekly. “There’s going to be a lot of jokes for a while but I’m OK and glad to be back.”

Strahan is no stranger to injuries to his hands, though. In 2016, he showed off his fingers and claimed that they had become mangled over the years because of his football playing.

At least now we know why Strahan was missing from GMA, and we wish him and his pinkie finger a speedy recovery from the “little accident.”

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