Whatever your thoughts about the gross dynamic that sees colleges make billions off of (mostly black) athletes when said athletes receive nary a dime or are penalized for getting a nickel aside, allegations of impropriety in college sports always seem to make some folks feel morally superior to those who “break the rules.”

The topic was brought back to the fore Friday when a few folks on social media insinuated that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott may have gotten his car from a booster (or maybe by drug dealing or some other bad black thing … ).

Back in 2015, when Elliott was a star running back for Ohio State, he tweeted a photo of his car after getting a parking ticket on campus.

A Twitter account called “SEC Exposed” showed the tweet, and a poster named Jimmy Crawford sarcastically asked, “I’ll start here: how did Ezekiel Elliott afford this car at OSU?”

Well, Elliott’s mother had an answer for him quick, fast and in a hurry: “[B]ecause he had two working parents who afforded it. [Y]ou act like that’s a Bentley. [E]very Black athlete isn’t from the ghetto.”

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