After R. Kelly’s home was burglarized, ridding him of all his belongings, the singer is now being evicted from not one but two of his Georgia homes.

Apparently, Kellz hasn’t been paying his rent.

Yesterday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that filings from the Fulton County magistrate showed that Kelly owned more than $31,000 in past due payments to his mortgage company SB Property Management Global.

Documents show Kelly paid $3,000 a month and $11, 542 a month for his two homes, just two miles apart.

Speaking of those homes, these were the same ones involved in the allegations that Kelly was holding women hostage, abusing them as some part of a cult. The investigation into these claims is still ongoing.

These were two of the homes that were ransacked last year by Kelly’s former associate Alfonso L. Walker. Walker, 50, was arrested in December and charged with theft and burglary.

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