HBCU All-Stars and Lowes workers pose for a photo
31 March 2023: HBCU All-Stars and Lowes workers pose for a photo during a community event in the Cuney Home neighborhood Credit: Jimmie Aggison/Houston Defender

This week, I stopped by the Third Ward and visited Cuney Homes where the HBCU All-Stars, Big Slim (formerly Slim Thug) and Lowes representatives invited the community to enjoy a cookout and basketball clinic. Slim attended on behalf of Checkers and handed out swag bags to the kids as he took photos and showed love to the neighborhood.

“I love the love man. It ain’t work for me, it’s all love. I’m just out here getting love from people and giving it back,” Slim said.

This is one of the many collaborations Slim has with Checkers as they often work together to impact minority communities.

“We’ve done so much in the last few years with giving back, going to different communities and giving out food, gift bags, back to school events, everything man. Whenever we get the opportunity to team up with somebody to do something, we do it. We teamed up with the HBCU All-Stars; we’re just taking advantage of the opportunity,” Slim said.

Stephen Jackson was also on hand to give a word of encouragement to the HBCU players.

“This is the stepping stone for all of you all. This is a platform that a lot of people didn’t have. A lot of people come from these areas should be in the NBA, but sometimes they don’t get an opportunity. Y’all getting the opportunity to change this,” said Jackson, who hammered home the point that the HBCU All-Star game was a golden opportunity.

“Take advantage of it bro. Be glad that you are here. Don’t let anybody make you think this game is less than any other game because its Black. Approach this game like any other game. Show up and perform just like any other game. You all are getting the opportunity to show your talent in front of NBA scouts this weekend. That’s never happened. Be proud that you here and take advantage of this bro,” he added.

Travis L. Williams, CEO and founder of HBCU All-Stars, echoed the importance of the upcoming game between the HBCU All-Stars and spoke on the impact of community interaction.

“This is a historic game because of the nature, first HBCU All-Star game on an HBCU campus. An opportunity for our guys to really show that all HBCU sports matter, especially during college basketball’s biggest weekend. We have some of the best players in Black college basketball and in the country that we’re able to knock out some power five, high major programs. What Stephen said hit loud and clear. HBCU basketball is simply the best if given the same type of opportunities and platform that we’re getting ready to provide during Final Four weekend,” Williams said.

Lowes was on hand and offered random acts of kindness as they installed 45 air conditioners and delivered some washing machines to Cuney Homes residents in need. Lorene Banks was a resident who received the gifts and was quickly overcome with emotion.

“I know it’s a blessing. I’ve been washing on my hands to save enough money to buy a washing machine. There was a sign-up list going around and we didn’t know it was Lowe’s at that particular time, but they came through and offered a washing machine and an air condition. And God knocked on my door with that blessing. They said be home Friday, we’re going to bring your washing machine, and look what God has done for me. Praise the Lord. He’s good all the time and all the time God is good,” Banks said.

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