29 June 2023: FLY Sidney Pritchett leads a dance during the Missouri City Branch Library performance.
29 June 2023: FLY Sidney Pritchett leads a dance during the Missouri City Branch Library performance. Credit: Jimmie Aggison

The Fly Dance Company is renowned for its captivating and family-friendly offerings, including concerts, educational shows, workshops and residencies that can be booked both locally and internationally. What sets Fly apart is its distinctive style, which seamlessly merges theatrical hip-hop dancing with non-hip-hop music, resulting in a truly unique and engaging entertainment experience.

The company’s talented and versatile dancers bring a wide range of musical and choreographic backgrounds to their performances, ensuring a diverse and dynamic repertoire.

Kids enjoying time with Fly Dance Company's show.
Kids enjoying time with Fly Dance Company’s show. Credit: Jimmie Aggison

Sidney Pritchett, a dedicated member of Fly for seven years, draws inspiration from genres such as jazz, funk, old-school R&B, and hip-hop. His musical preferences align with influential artists like Mary J. Blige and Queen Latifah. Pritchett’s favorite dancer is Michael Jackson, and he excels in the art of breakdancing.

“Dance gives me a chance to really express myself and release stress,” said Pritchett.

Jafar Brown-Bryan, another accomplished dancer within the company, has been part of Fly for over six years. His passion lies in conscious rap, as he holds artists like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Ab-Soul in high regard. When it comes to dance, Jafar finds himself greatly influenced by the remarkable skills of Mr. Wiggles.

“When I perform I want to give kids that inspiration and encourage them to learn about hip-hop. Hip-hop’s true origins were about bringing the community together,” said Brown-Bryan.

Floyd Worsley, a recent addition to Fly, has already left a mark with his one-year tenure. He finds solace in the soothing melodies of lofi hip-hop, allowing him to immerse himself in the music. Rather than having a favorite artist, Floyd prefers to connect with the melodic journey crafted by various musicians. His dance role model is Kid David, and he showcases his talent through the captivating art of breakdancing.

“Dance has given me the opportunity to teach younger kids and give back to those who are where I once was,” said Worsley.

Fly has been an inspiration for countless aspiring dancers. Pritchett recalls a transformative moment when he watched Fly’s performance at the Miller Outdoor Theater in 2017. Witnessing some of the performers who were once his teachers and mentors, showcased on such a grand stage filled him with a profound sense of possibility. It affirmed that he, too, could pursue a similar path. Years later, Pritchett seized the opportunity to join Fly, embarking on his own journey as a member of the esteemed company.

Fly continues to enchant audiences with their innovative blend of theatrical hip-hop, electrifying performances, and commitment to artistic excellence. As they push boundaries and create inspiring moments on stage, they leave a lasting impact on both the dancers they inspire and the audiences they entertain.

“I hope to inspire the kids to believe in themselves and try something new. As long as they have the goals, ambition, dedication, and drive, they’re on the right track,” said Worsley.

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