The way a man dresses speaks volumes about who he is. What accessories he chooses to have in his wardrobe are the ultimate show of his sophistication, polish, and style.

1. High-End Belt

“Just belt it” says style icon Olivia Palermo. “A lot of the time, if I have samples, I can’t tailor a sample. Or, I might have just bought something and I don’t have time to go to the tailor, there are ways to take belts and do quick little fixes. And also it’s nice because it depends on your body shapes, and sometimes belts are flattering, and it helps with proportions.” With its ability to transform any outfit, a high end belt will immediately take your style to the next level. Opt for a leather belt in black or brown as it will pair well with anything in your wardrobe. Look to spend $150 and up for a belt of this kind.

2. Briefcase

A briefcase is a must-have in any professionals wardrobe. Perfect for keeping organized and carrying your work essentials, you’ll always look sharp carrying this timeless satchel. While a leather briefcase may be standard, more modern styles have become popular with exciting features. With newer briefcases, you’ll find multiple compartments for laptops, ipads and essentials, crossbody, backpack and roller styles and different materials like nylon, polyester and cotton twill. A briefcase with these features can cost you anywhere from $300 to $1500 depending on which one you choose.

3. Watch

A watch is an everyday must-have and to some, a personal sentiment that not only compliments any outfit but also represents their individual style. Coming in a variety of designs, colors, materials, and styles, it allows a man to choose one that not only shows their personality but as a unique functional accessory that they can wear forever. Since a watch is a customizable accessory, prices will vary. Expect to spend up to $300 on a high-end timepiece.

4. Pen

A trusted pen is a classic accessory for the modern man. Carrying a pen separates you from the everyday man and makes you a man of distinction by elevating your style and adding value to yourself and your wardrobe. Opt for a luxury pen like a fountain over a standard ballpoint pen for a stylish addition to your coat pocket. A fountain pen doesn’t have to cost you, with them ranging anywhere from $5 to $25.

5. Hat

Much like a watch, a hat is a personal accessory that showcases a man’s persona and style. A fashionable addition to any outfit, a hat allows you to get adventurous without taking risks with the rest of your wardrobe. From beanies to baseball caps, snapbacks and fedoras; there are so many styles to choose from. What makes a hat especially unique is the material. If you opt for a wool or leather hat, expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $150. A cotton or straw hat typically runs $50 and below. No matter what you choose, a hat is sure to add swagger to any look.

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