They couldn’t possibly have defended Donald Trump by saying that – could they?

Yes, they could and they did.

Here are 9 times black folk lost their minds trying to defend Trump’s crazy:

Stacey Dash defends Trump following violence at one of his campaign rallies

9 times black folk tried...and failed to defend Trump politics Stacey Dash 300x169

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

“There’s a lot of talk about Donald Trump being violent, condoning it, or at least inciting it.

But this is a total misread of our next President. First of all, he’s not responsible for what every random guy does — out of thousands. (And by the way, I don’t condone the violence that has happened so far.)

Second of all, he’s not violent, he’s just “street.” He was born in Queens.” (via Patheos)

Katrina Pierson’s reason why Trump isn’t racist

9 times black folk tried...and failed to defend Trump politics Katrina Pierson 1 300x169

Katrina Pierson | (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

“A racist does not pick a single black mother to represent his entire freaking presidential campaign. A racist would not endorse Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign in the ’80s twice. A racist would also not spend his time and his resources to bring African-American into Wall Street.” (via The New York Times)

Lynne Patton talking ’bout Trump is colorblind

9 times black folk tried...and failed to defend Trump politics Lynne Patton 300x169

Lynne Patton | (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Patton told The New York Times that Trump “doesn’t see color the way the average person does.” She later added that Trump judges people soley on “their successes and their failures.” (via The New York Times)

Ben Carson has Trump’s back on his call with Myeshia Johnson

Ben Carson

Ben Carson | (Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Habitat for Humanity of Broward)

“I mean, if he had said, you know, ‘I’m sorry, this is sure a dark day for you,’ they would have said ‘See, he’s a racist, he said a dark day.’” (via Talking Points Memo)

Diamond and Silk on alleged Trump quote saying ‘laziness’ is a ‘trait in blacks’

9 times black folk tried...and failed to defend Trump politics Diamond Silk 300x169

(Video still via YouTube, ABC News)

“Did you hear him? Do y’all have that on recording?” Diamond asks. “That don’t make him a racist,” Diamond says. “That’s his opinion,” Silk says. “There’s some lazy black people, white people, Hispanic people and Latino people. And we want to get people out of this laziness. We want them to come up where they’re thriving. Bring them back to a good job, so they won’t be lazy,” Diamond says. “That don’t make him a racist. What’s the next one?”

 (via Rolling Stone)

Omarsoa Manigault pens guest column: ‘I’m Black, Female and Donald Trump is My Friend’

9 times black folk tried...and failed to defend Trump politics Omarosa 300x169

Omarosa Manigault | (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter )

“Truly, I am living the American dream because of Donald Trump. Look at my career, the wealth and exposure that I’ve had: It’s very difficult to make the argument that Donald Trump doesn’t like black people and black women.” (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Pastor Darrell Scott offers mind-numbing defense of Trump’s ‘both sides’ remarks on Charlottesville

Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott | (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“Some of his best friends are Jewish. His daughter converted to Judaism, his grandson is being raised Jewish. How can people even think that he embraced Nazism or neo-Nazism?” (via Mediaite)

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke with an even worse take than that

Sheriff Clarke

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke | (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

“I thought what he said was measured, it was thoughtful, it was very presidential. And it calmed the waters, unlike his predecessor Barack Obama, who after every one of these situations poured hot sauce on a simmering situation.” (via Fox News)

Floyd Mayweather is just fine with Trump’s comments from infamous ‘Access Hollywood’ tape

Floyd Mayweather Trump

Floyd Mayweather Jr | (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

“He speaks like real men spoke. Real men speak like, ‘Man, she had a fat a–. You see her a–? I had to squeeze her a–. I had to grab that fat a–.’ Right? “So he’s talking locker-room talk. Locker-room talk. ‘I’m the man, you know what I’m saying? You know who I am. Yeah, I grabbed her by the p—-. And?’”

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