The curfew for the city of Houston has been lifted for the majority of the city, except for the areas of west Houston that are impacted by flooding, according to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

The area still under curfew from midnight until 5 a.m. is:

  • West of Gessner
  • East of Highway 6
  • South of I-10 Katy Freeway
  • North of Briar Forest Drive

The area is under curfew until further notice. Houstonians will be advised when the curfew is lifted.


The curfew does not apply to:

  • Any portion of the City of Bunker Hill Village
  • Those engaged in emergency response, as authorized by designated City officials
  • Late shift workers
  • Emergency volunteers traveling through the area
  • People seeking medical attention or shelter
  • People traveling through the city to a destination outside of the city
  • Individuals who are on private property with permission from the owner, and who are not subject to a mandatory evacuation order.

The curfew was enacted to cut down on looting and armed robberies, Turner said. Houston officers who encounter people in public during those hours may stop and investigate the reason that person is breaking curfew.

People involved in flood relief efforts, flood relief volunteers, individuals seeking shelters, first responders, and people going to and from work (late-shift workers), are exempt from the curfew.

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