It’s a woman’s world, it’s a woman’s world ― and you’re just a man in a woman’s world.”

These are the bold lyrics of U.K. singer Estelle’s new song, “Woman’s World.” Estelle, known for songs like “American Boy” and “Conqueror,” is one of several artists including John Legend and Mary J. Blige who have teamed up with Planned Parenthood for the new 7-inches For Planned Parenthood album.

The goal of the project is simple ― 100 percent of proceeds for the project will go towards supporting Planned Parenthood.

For Estelle, a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood, doing a track for the album was a no-brainer, especially an up-tempo song with such a powerful message about womanhood.

“Every single time I’ve heard a song about women holding something down or being powerful, it’s a slow ballad,” Estelle told HuffPost.

“I wanted to make this powerful, make it push, make it go. We’re not asking to run the world ― we run it.”

Even though the songstress is from the U.K., she’s been a long time support of Planned Parenthood, because she’s seen first hand the difference that access to resources can make for women.

“Bear this in mind, we have a version of Planned Parenthood at home ― it’s called National Healthcare,” Estelle says.

“The headlines are wrong, as far as ‘all they do is give abortions’ are wrong. It’s not just that. Planned Parenthood offers basic rights to healthcare that we should all have as women. Because guess what? If there was no us ― there’d be no them.”

The singer is hopeful that more women of color and black women particularly support Planned Parenthood ― after all, a huge percentage of those affected by proposed funding cuts are women of color. For her, the fight to protect women’s reproductive health rights is a fight that we must join, regardless of background.

“More than ever, now, women need to know that we have power, regardless of the foolery that’s out there representing us,” the singer adds.

“I give kudos to black feminists, I give kudos to the women of the Women’s March, I give kudos to all the women who work with Planned Parenthood, and even the ones who don’t. Because there’s no expiration date on standing up for yourself.

“Woman’s World” is now available on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify.

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