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The DeSoto police department has raided a home owned by former basketball player Chris Bosh on Friday.

His mother, Freida Bosh, was the target of the drug raid.

According to authorities, the investigation began on November 10 when a car that was leaving the home was stopped by police. In the car, they found baggies of cocaine and marijuana as well as several empty baggies containing some sort of drug residue.

One week later they began surveillance on the Bosh home and this continued for several weeks during which police witnessed people coming and going from the home.

The DeSoto Police Department got information from multiple sources that there was significant vehicle traffic coming and going from the address at 902 St. Georges Place. These sources also claimed to have seen “hand to hand” drug deals going on outside the home.

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On November 28 and December 5 officers were sent in undercover to take trash bags from in front of the home. They took these bags back to the police station and there found more traces of drug residue on the garbage.

The investigation found that the sources and their information was credible and that was enough to secure a no-knock warrant which was then executed.

Police then seized a large amount of drug paraphernalia that is generally used in drug trafficking but no arrests were made at the time.

The investigation is ongoing and police sources say that Chris Bosh is not a suspect in their investigation.

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