Houston Public Media is exploring the issues that face black and white communities in Houston during a 60-minute TV special, “Houston In Black And White,” that airs on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. on TV 8. The show will explore who we are, how we arrived here and what we can do to move forward into a future of healing, equality and growth. Click here for a preview.

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Co-hosts Ernie Manouse, arts and culture senior producer for Houston Public Media, and Eddie Robinson, News 88.7 “Morning Edition” news anchor, guide in-depth discussions with four civil rights activists and thinkers from Houston on topics ranging from racism and Affirmative Action to police and the media. The show opens with a message from Mayor Sylvester Turner. The panelists on the show include:

·         Natalie Arceneaux, business consultant and conservative talk show host, C+A Global Group

·         Andrew Hamilton, Ph.D, associate dean, University of Houston Bonner Leaders Program

·         Deric Muhammad, Houston-based author and activist

·         Rev. Hannah Terry, associate pastor, Fondren Apartment Ministry

“Several months ago Eddie and I both met individually with people from our own racial groups and asked them the same set of questions to create topic starters for a bigger conversation with our four special guests,” said Manouse, who also served as the show’s producer. “The purpose of this program is to discuss what often divides our communities, in order to get a better understanding of how we see these differences and how much we truly have in common.” 

He adds that the hope is that it will spur a much needed conversation out in the community and give us all an opportunity to move forward with a more positive understanding of each other.

“‘Houston In Black And White’ exposes the experiences of individuals from different races and ethnicities and allows them to take part in a much needed dialogue,” said Robinson. We examine why some people think racism in Houston is getting better, why some think it’s getting worse, why some think it’s widespread, why some think it’s invisible and why many of them think, on some level, it’s actually the norm.”

Houston Public Media will host a live Twitter chat during the special with the hosts and panelists to talk about the show and answer viewer questions. The community is invited to join the conversation using the hashtag #HouBW.

“Houston In Black And White” is part of Houston Public Media’s DiverseCity project (#DiverseCity), a yearlong multi-media initiative looking at what Houston’s diversity means for the city. Stay tuned to houstonpublicmedia.org/diversecity for all Houston Public Media stories and content related to this initiative.

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