The custody battle between Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee is getting so ugly that a judge has ordered them not to communicate with each other at all outside of an app that they can use to coordinate information about their children.

According to In Touch, Williams and Drake-Lee can only communicate about Sadie, 3, and Maceo, 2, through an app called Our Family Wizard.

A temporary custody agreement states that “the parents shall use Our Family Wizard for all communications regarding the children’s health, education and welfare,” with an allowance for the two to communicate outside of the app “in an emergency.”

The two of them have also been admonished that they are not allowed to “make derogatory remarks about the other parent” in front of their children.

Under the agreement, Williams and Drake-Lee will share joint legal custody of their children, though the final details of their custody in their dramatic split have yet to be hashed out. The terms of this agreement are only temporary.

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