Jill Scott wants the world to know that she is doing fine after she posted a video of herself while she appeared to be inebriated.

In the video that went viral on Saturday the singer’s eyes are very clearly glazed and she’s heard slurring her words throughout. “It started off so good and then Fu Fe gave me some more to drink and I drank it,” Scott says. “Ooh, Saturday night.”

Naturally, the video caused quite the stir online with many users on Instagram expressing concern for the beloved singer. Some may also be concerned about her wellbeing since she’s currently engulfed in a bitter divorce.

“Just hope she has some genuine loving and supportive people in her corner. Love you @missjillscott hope you are fine, this is usually not you,” wrote one user, according to Atlanta Black Star.

“Stay off the Gram when you’re drunk Jill you’re too famous for this Cardi b shit you’re pulling,” said another.

The morning after

On Sunday, Scott decided to clear the air on the drunken fiasco and posted an obligatory ‘morning after’ picture of herself. She also assured fans that she’s OK and that there’s no need to worry.

“The morning after. I’m blaming FU FE for another GREAT party. Relax sweethearts. I’m fine. Had too much of a great time,” the singer captioned along with crying emojis.

And there you have it folks. Glad to know our girl Jill is doing just fine.

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